Viktor Bijlenga

New Year’s Resolutions as a front end developer – with follow up from last year

Last year I actually wrote a few New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, I had not started writing the blog in English then, so for you who (yet) don’t read Swedish, here are those resolutions:

  • Write during 2013 – I would simply write in my blog during 2013.
  • Scratch your own itch – Develop your own stuff, imagine solutions to your own problems.
  • Explain the difference – Learn other people more about how the web works.
  • Improve your process – Improve how I work on a daily basis.
  • Explore languages – learn more about PHP and Javascript.

So how did I do? What’s this year’s New Year’s resolutions?


I’m very happy with what I’ve accomplished in 2013 on the blog. The game changer has been to begin writing in English, which is still a major difference for me. It’s still exciting to look around at the statistics and see that people from different parts of the world has been visiting the site.

As usual Shawn Blanc has some good advice which I would like to remind myself of:

An article doesn’t always have to be published the moment after you’ve written the last paragraph.

Scratch your own itch

In 2013, I worked with a faster pace than ever before, especially during the fall. Thus, many of my own projects has suffered in some way. I have to set more realistic limits, or ship earlier.

Explain the difference

I not really know how to evaluate this. Actually, I should ask my girlfriend, because I’ve probably talked to much about work. For a while she taught me a thing about dancing every day, and I her one code-thingy. It was fun.

I like to teach, and in some sense I see my writing as a way for others to learn from my thoughts.

Improve your process

I moved all my development to git. I can’t even explain my process before git. Everything is suddenly much easier and smoother. It’s like 1Password, I can’t imagine my workdays without it.

I bought a standing desk. Got tired of sitting down all day. I feel better, and I have more energy when I’m not at work.

Explore languages

Learned a lot more about PHP and Javascript/jQuery during this year. The best way to tackle this for me, is to find real situations/problems where I can learn more by simply trying.

Thank God for SASS, saved me so much time, and made CSS even more fun.

What about 2014?

My new goal is to continue to work with those things I enjoy doing, because at the end of the day it’s the only thing that matters.

Do more of the things that makes you happy, Viktor.