Viktor Bijlenga

Maximize Your Creative Energy

I’m not perfect at balancing work/life, and I will probably never be. To be able to improve, I have to think about the long term effects and create methods which works for me. It’s a hard work, but it’s worth it. You should do it too.

John Gruber at XOXO Festival

John Gruber of Daring Fireball talks about the early years of his blog. I wish that I would have been at XOXO Festival to enjoy it, but watching it while doing the dishes was also a good experience (maybe next time?). John shared those three valuable lessons, which made me think. Know when to be […]

Why should I write in English?

This is a post for me, and it might be a good thing for you, too. It’s gonna be my place to go, when I get that feeling – why am I doing this writing thingy – in which I write in a foreign language. A post to remind me of why I should write […]

Interview with Jonathan Ive

I can’t stop listening to this man. His voice is so beautiful, and I think that you can hear just by listening to him, that he is a one of our times greatest designers. Just watch it.

Video: Zack Arias on Honesty

Yesterday I watched this talk by Zack Arias. It’s probably a must see for every creative person who felt that feeling – “I’m not good enough” or “why does everything bad happen to me”. Honesty is a good approach to many of those questions we have in our mind. I also believe that patience is […]

Thoughts on Media Queries for Elements

Interesting post by Jonathan T. Neal on the subject Media Queries for Elements. I think this would open up some new interesting possibilities for making better responsive layouts, but I guess the discussion/other solutions around this topic will be interesting for me to read about.

The Great Discontent: Merlin Mann

I keep posting links those fine interviews from The Great Discontent. This might be the best one so far. Take some time, and read it. I enjoyed every word.

How I feel about making the switch to write in English

A few weeks back I had a short, but still very interesting discussion with my colleague Li. We talked about Twitter, and the impact that it had on our network of people which we talk to, do business with, get inspired by and so on. As usual (when talking to someone about Twitter) I told […]

Great interview with Helena Price

Helena Price: It’s very easy to get tied up in what other people are doing and compare yourself to others. We’re in an age where everyone is on the Internet and everything has metrics attached to it. My advice would be to stay very focused on making good personal work with your own unique perspective. […]

Mobile Only

First, I should always have a Mobile Only persona in my mind when creating a site. That use case may be small now (in America), but it won’t be for long. In India, for example mobile usage has already overtaken desktop use. Excellent point. I use my phone/tablet to surf the web, not the computer.

“Creative” is An Insult

Mårten Björk: I’ve read countless books on programming, web standards, typography, color theory, grid layout, digital strategy, advertising… I’ve spent years trying to improve my work, iterating over and over. For every solution we show a client, we tested hundreds of possible combinations in our heads before reaching our conclusion. We acquire skills and then […]