Viktor Bijlenga

View Source Extension for iOS+

I use view source all the time. At the moment I use a piece of JavaScript for the task (a bookmarklet), which works good – but I’m totally open for new ways to explore code from my phone.

The Bézier Game+

A playful way to learn how to use Béizer curves (the pen tool) to draw vectors.

Paperless rule for Hazel+

What I realized was that each of the above types of documents could easily be identified by my unique account number with each company. And so I set up rules in Hazel to look at the contents of a document, and depending on which criteria that document matches Hazel renames the PDF accordingly and then files it into the proper folder on my Mac.

Smart. I need to add this to my Hazel rules for my paperless setup.

Bra podcast+

Sveriges 100 mest populära podcasts

I’ve build a little web-app, that lists the 100 most popular podcasts in Sweden. Fun side-project.

A work in progress

It’s hard to show up every day, and post new things. It’s actually been months since I last published something new on this site. It feels sad, since I really like it. So I better get back on track. It’s fun to have a log of things that I like, get inspired by or things that I create.

Project Parfait (Beta) – PSD CSS Extraction+

Project Parfait is an experimental service for designers and developers, who turn Photoshop comps into code-based designs. It lets you quickly and easily extract what you need from a PSD comp.

Interesting beta product from Adobe. I guess I have to try this out next time I’m exporting a design > code. It might be a good addition to my workflow somehow.

Video: Action Movie Kid+

This kid will probably have the worlds best collection of superhero moments, when looking back at his childhood. Those short movies made me smile.

Weekly links

Facebook released a Newsroom based on WordPress. First time I’ve seen WordPress being used by Facebook.

Sketchcasts – Three to four screencasts a month, covering all about Sketch!

Guide to Facebook News Feed image sizes is a good resource for designers creating content, that will end up in the Facebook news feed.

17 minutes on The making of John Mayer’s Born & Raised artwork.

The Swedish type foundry Letters From Sweden released a beautiful typeface called Ferry inspired by the ferries in Stockholm.

I found a interesting workflow for writing iMessages with Alfred App.

A few Mac apps we think all moderately computer-savvy persons should be using – a good guide to some of my best productivity tricks.

I learned that it’s possible to create desktop applications with node-webkit if you’re familiar with html/css/js.

The Staff Favorites+

Here is a running list of our personal favorite apps on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. These are the apps we, The Sweet Setup staff, use day in and day out for work and play.

A great list of apps that you might enjoy. I use many of them all the time.

Open folder in Terminal with Alfred App+

Open a specific folder in the terminal with Alfred app. Just type ´term´ + the name of the folder and Alfred will open a terminal window with the folder as root. I’ve used it for a few days now and it only gets better since Alfred remember which folders I select from the list of folders with similar names.

Video: The Making of Neon Signs+

11 minutes long documentary about the Hong Kong Neon sign industry. I like short documentaries like these, which tells stories about interesting work people do (for a living).

Shawn Blanc words on this video:

And here’s a crazy fact I bet you didn’t know: when a glassworker is designing the a neon sign, the tube’s start and stop points are determined not so much by the letter form but by where he’ll be able to most easily bend the glass without burning his hands.

The Epic Split Print Ad+

I missed that Volvo did a print ad of the epic split campaign, so when I saw this a few moments ago I thought it was funny. It made me smile.


A simple app that lets you preview your beautiful iPhone mockups saved among your photos that are taller than or equal to the height of the screen.

Andreas Pihlström released an simple, but cleaver app. Try it out.

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