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Facebook released a Newsroom based on WordPress. First time I’ve seen WordPress being used by Facebook. Sketchcasts – Three to four screencasts a month, covering all about Sketch! Guide to Facebook News Feed image sizes is a good resource for designers creating content, that will end up in the Facebook news feed. 17 minutes on […]

The Great Discontent: Merlin Mann

I keep posting links those fine interviews from The Great Discontent. This might be the best one so far. Take some time, and read it. I enjoyed every word.

The Great Discontent – Timothy Goodman

Are you creatively satisfied? I don’t like this question (laughing). Right now, as I sit here, I would say yes: I feel creatively satisfied. Will I feel this way in a month? Maybe not. As creative people, we always want more. No matter where we’re at, the grass is always greener somewhere else.