Viktor Bijlenga

Box – Industrial robot art

Box explores the synthesis of real and digital space through projection-mapping onto moving surfaces. The short film documents a live performance, captured entirely in camera. I like this video. It’s a beautiful but weird combination of technology and art.

John Gruber at XOXO Festival

John Gruber of Daring Fireball talks about the early years of his blog. I wish that I would have been at XOXO Festival to enjoy it, but watching it while doing the dishes was also a good experience (maybe next time?). John shared those three valuable lessons, which made me think. Know when to be […]

Interview with Jonathan Ive

I can’t stop listening to this man. His voice is so beautiful, and I think that you can hear just by listening to him, that he is a one of our times greatest designers. Just watch it.

Video: Zack Arias on Honesty

Yesterday I watched this talk by Zack Arias. It’s probably a must see for every creative person who felt that feeling – “I’m not good enough” or “why does everything bad happen to me”. Honesty is a good approach to many of those questions we have in our mind. I also believe that patience is […]

Video: Action Movie Kid

This kid will probably have the worlds best collection of superhero moments, when looking back at his childhood. Those short movies made me smile.

Video: The Making of Neon Signs

11 minutes long documentary about the Hong Kong Neon sign industry. I like short documentaries like these, which tells stories about interesting work people do (for a living). Shawn Blanc words on this video: And here’s a crazy fact I bet you didn’t know: when a glassworker is designing the a neon sign, the tube’s […]

Inspiration: Return To Craft

I spent 120 seconds tonight watching this short segment with Brad Frost. I enjoyed it, especially those words: People are starting to appreciate craft more.

Like Knows Like

Short documentaries about creatives. The world’s best thing to look at for inspiration and happy feelings, if you are like me.

Video: Finding your voice – Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl, som förmodligen är mest känd för att han var trummis i bandet Nirvana. Han startade sedan Foo Fighters, som jag gillar att lyssna på när jag behöver fokusera. En intressant berättelse om musik. 48 minuter.

Video: Layout på webben – Eric Meyer

Intressant föreläsning av Eric Meyer, som pratade under W3Conf i San Francisco. Han pratar om hur layout har fungerat på webben hittills, och hur det håller på att förändras i och med t.ex. flexbox och grids.

Video: Creative Mornings med George Lois

George Lois är förmodligen mest känd för att han designade 92 omslag till Esquire Magazine mellan 1962 och 1972. Han har också jobbat som art-director. 36 intressanta minuter från Creative Mornings om reklambranschen och berättelser bakom massor av Esquire omslag. Under några sekunder stannar han upp och pratar om sin arbetsprocess. [Think about Photshop with […]

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