Viktor Bijlenga

Fingervals for iPad +

Fingervals is a fun game for the iPad. The goal is to collect coins and power items while avoid being hit by explosives. I’ve been playing for a few hours now. It’s also available for iPhone, Fingervals Pocket. Go get it!

Safari on iOS 7 and HTML5: problems, changes and new APIs +

Apple has rolled out iOS 7 and in a few days the new devices iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C . As expected Apple has publish just 10% of the necessary information for web developers and I can say without fear of mistake that this is the buggiest Safari version since 1.0. In this post I’ll show you the new APIs and abilities and most of the problems that you will need to deal with right now if you have a website or a webapp.

Good walkthrough of changes to mobile Safari introduced by iOS 7.

iOS: A visual history +

The Verge has posted a great overview of the history of iOS. I still remember my feeling of “this is the future of phones” when Steve introduced the iPhone on stage. I also remember saving all my money, importing the original iPhone (since it never was sold in Sweden) and hacking it to get support for the swedish alphabet. Good times.

Instacast HD +

En av de apparna jag använder mest på min iPhone, finns numera för iPad: Instacast HD. Appen ersätter iTunes inbyggda podcastlösning med en mycket smidigare variant. Ett solklart köp för alla podcast-älskare med iPad, iPod och iPhone.

This is a must have for any podcast listener with an iPad. It may even be the reason you need to buy an iPad if you love podcasts and still don’t have an iPad.