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Too Many Images +

Discover your image weight on the web. Find out the image weight in your pages, compare to the HTTPArchive average and discover what images you can optimize further.

A simple CLI tools that may be a fun thing to integrate into your performance testing stack. It asks and answers the question, too many images?

Matt Mullenweg: The State of the Word 2014 +

Interesting insights into the current state of WordPress and whats to come.

The last year has certainly been a good one for WordPress. I think the core team has made an incredible job improving upon an already great system. The responsive admin panel is a big improvement. I also think automatic updates was a great addition too.

I’m excited for the future of WordPress.

Project Parfait (Beta) – PSD CSS Extraction +

Project Parfait is an experimental service for designers and developers, who turn Photoshop comps into code-based designs. It lets you quickly and easily extract what you need from a PSD comp.

Interesting beta product from Adobe. I guess I have to try this out next time I’m exporting a design > code. It might be a good addition to my workflow somehow.

Open folder in Terminal with Alfred App +

Open a specific folder in the terminal with Alfred app. Just type ´term´ + the name of the folder and Alfred will open a terminal window with the folder as root. I’ve used it for a few days now and it only gets better since Alfred remember which folders I select from the list of folders with similar names.

MAMP 3.0 +

Mamp 3 is out. I will probably buy the Pro version just to check it out. I like the previous version a lot since it’s so easy to work with.

Chrome Dev Tools: Mobile Emulation +

The mobile web has evolved to enable increasingly sophisticated applications, which we often wish to debug during development on the desktop.

Google Chrome now supports the ability to emulate mobile devices. A great addition to Chromes already excellent dev tools.

How to add a custom Facebook Feed to a Website using the Graph API +

A twitter friend asked me about creating a custom feed for a Facebook wall. Pretty easy with the php sdk, but when I looked at the source it turns out I made it another way. Better or worse? You tell me.

I asked John Svensson how they created a good looking Facebook feed on Galleria Duvans website. He replied with writing two blogposts and a git repo on the subject. I just love that. Someone who understands the value of sharing. Sharing is caring.

WP CLI – command line interface for WordPress +

WP-CLI is a set of command-line tools for managing WordPress installations. You can update plugins, set up multisite installs and much more, without using a web browser.

Save time, use better tools to do the things you always have to do. WP-CLI probably saved me a day of work, just this week.

The Design of WordPress 3.8 +

In its 10 years WordPress has seen many changes, one of the most significant being the “Crazyhorse” redesign that came with version 2.7 in 2008. Today’s update is the biggest visual update to WordPress since that release.

WordPress 3.8 is a great update. The admin interface is featuring a new design. A evolution of the previous design, which I think is a good way to make the transition to something new easier for a lot of people. It’s also responsive, which is a great feature these days, when we tend to use and manage our websites from many different devices.

WP-Snippets +

A growing library of code snippets for WordPress. I always learn new things while browsing trough archives like this.

Tools for image optimization +

Great advice by Paul Irish in the comments of the linked article:

Automate everything. You don’t want to repeat image optimization yourself, nor do you want to ask your team to do the same six steps you repeat. Set up a build process that smartly optimizes new images. Use lossy compression.

Quickly edit text in the broswer +

Typing “document.body.contentEditable = true;” into Chrome DevTools makes all of the text on a page editable.

This trick is brilliant to use if you design in the browser.

Mobile Only +

First, I should always have a Mobile Only persona in my mind when creating a site. That use case may be small now (in America), but it won’t be for long. In India, for example mobile usage has already overtaken desktop use.

Excellent point. I use my phone/tablet to surf the web, not the computer.

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