Viktor Bijlenga

Twenty Six

For the last years, I’ve written a post about the things I’ve learned so far. I’ve turned twenty six, which means it’s time for the post about twenty five things I’ve thought about. One thing for each year up to this point. The last year has been the hardest year of my life, it’s been […]

Twenty Four

It’s my birthday (Jan 23), so it’s time to sit down and write the yearly summary of things I’ve thought and learned during the year. I’m turning 25 this year, which feels like a major milestone. Check out the other lists Tjugotv√• (In swedish) and Twenty three. Those are my twenty four things. Enjoy the […]

Twenty Three

Every year on my birthday I try to write some kind of list of the things I’ve thought of during the year. Those are my twenty three things. Family is more important than anything else in life. Be nice, it’s not so hard. Offline is an alternative to always connected even if you work with […]