Viktor Bijlenga

The Great Discontent: Nicholas Felton +

A good interview as usually on The Great Discontent. Nicholas feels like a humble man who puts a lot of work into his projects. I admire that dedication to create something new. I read his piece of advice to young people starting out, twice.

The approach that served me really well was to make stuff all the time. Even when I was working full-time, I was always freelancing, doing work for others on the side, or working on personal projects. Certainly, the Annual Report personal project has elevated my career enormously, but it was only one of many personal projects that I tried along the way—no one gave a hoot about most of them. Not letting that discourage me, I kept trying other things. It wasn’t about finding “the idea,” but putting things out that I thought were worth doing and seeing if anyone cared. If not, I moved along. You learn as you go, and it gets easier or your point of view becomes more refined.