Viktor Bijlenga

Video: Action Movie Kid +

This kid will probably have the worlds best collection of superhero moments, when looking back at his childhood. Those short movies made me smile.

The Epic Split Print Ad +

I missed that Volvo did a print ad of the epic split campaign, so when I saw this a few moments ago I thought it was funny. It made me smile.

Origami Door +

Austrian company Klemens Torggler has designed a door that gently slides open and closed without running along tracks. The Evolution Door was designed based on the concept of rotating squares. A gentle nudge or push triggers the door to slowly slide sideways towards the opposite side of the wall.

I can watch the video on the link all day long. Beautiful rethink of a basic concept.

How to add a custom Facebook Feed to a Website using the Graph API +

A twitter friend asked me about creating a custom feed for a Facebook wall. Pretty easy with the php sdk, but when I looked at the source it turns out I made it another way. Better or worse? You tell me.

I asked John Svensson how they created a good looking Facebook feed on Galleria Duvans website. He replied with writing two blogposts and a git repo on the subject. I just love that. Someone who understands the value of sharing. Sharing is caring.

The Great Discontent: Merlin Mann +

I keep posting links those fine interviews from The Great Discontent. This might be the best one so far. Take some time, and read it. I enjoyed every word. +

Brilliant website for listing to live concerts while at work (or other places). A micro project by @urre. Best part, it’s free from youtube comments.

Fingervals for iPad +

Fingervals is a fun game for the iPad. The goal is to collect coins and power items while avoid being hit by explosives. I’ve been playing for a few hours now. It’s also available for iPhone, Fingervals Pocket. Go get it!

Kudo – nice compliments made for sharing +

Kudo App is the perfect companion on the go, constantly giving you nice compliments. Save to the Home Screen on your iOS device and you’ll have an ├╝ber App, spread love and shine.

Great hack by @linusekenstam. Send some love to a friend.