Viktor Bijlenga

Video: Action Movie Kid

This kid will probably have the worlds best collection of superhero moments, when looking back at his childhood. Those short movies made me smile.

The Epic Split Print Ad

I missed that Volvo did a print ad of the epic split campaign, so when I saw this a few moments ago I thought it was funny. It made me smile.

Origami Door

Austrian company Klemens Torggler has designed a door that gently slides open and closed without running along tracks. The Evolution Door was designed based on the concept of rotating squares. A gentle nudge or push triggers the door to slowly slide sideways towards the opposite side of the wall. I can watch the video on […]

How to add a custom Facebook Feed to a Website using the Graph API

A twitter friend asked me about creating a custom feed for a Facebook wall. Pretty easy with the php sdk, but when I looked at the source it turns out I made it another way. Better or worse? You tell me. I asked John Svensson how they created a good looking Facebook feed on Galleria […]

The Great Discontent: Merlin Mann

I keep posting links those fine interviews from The Great Discontent. This might be the best one so far. Take some time, and read it. I enjoyed every word.

Brilliant website for listing to live concerts while at work (or other places). A micro project by @urre. Best part, it’s free from youtube comments.

Fingervals for iPad

Fingervals is a fun game for the iPad. The goal is to collect coins and power items while avoid being hit by explosives. I’ve been playing for a few hours now. It’s also available for iPhone, Fingervals Pocket. Go get it!

Kudo – nice compliments made for sharing

Kudo App is the perfect companion on the go, constantly giving you nice compliments. Save to the Home Screen on your iOS device and you’ll have an ├╝ber App, spread love and shine. Great hack by @linusekenstam. Send some love to a friend.